Our Mission

Our mission at Ascension Day School is to provide a safe, loving, learning environment in which all children are encouraged to grow academically, socially, and spiritually.

Ascension Day School offers excellent educational programs and opportunities for development to children ages 10 weeks through K5. We strive to provide a nurturing Christian environment that gives our children the finest preparation for life and further education by fostering self confidence, an enthusiasm for creativity and learning and a clear sense that they are children of a living, loving God.

We recognize that some children have special educational and/or physical challenges that make assimilation into a group educational environment difficult. We address such situations on a case by case basis. We work with parents/guardians of such children to make reasonable accommodations so that these children can enjoy the services we offer. There are times, however,  when such challenges exceed our ability to accommodate or our expertise to educate. There are also situations when such challenges impact the classroom and the education of other children or present a safety concern.

When we deem an accommodation cannot be made or an existing accommodation is no longer effective in accordance with our mission, we reserve the right to prevent or end admission.